6 Books To Bring On Your Summer Beach Vacation

There’s still a lot of summer left – which means plenty of days to laze away at the beach or pool. And nothing goes with your fruity drink and wayfarers better than an easy read to keep you entertained. We have some of the best beach reads this summer – so grab a few and let the next couple of months drift away.

The Vacationers

If spending two weeks on vacation with your extended family sounds like your worst nightmare, then this read is for you. The Vacationers chronicles a Manhattan-based family’s trip to Mallorca – a trip that ends up being full of a lot of secrets, pain and drama.

Yes Please

In her first book, Amy Poehler takes us through her life, mishaps and memories in a humorous way that only Amy Poehler can. The memoir is personal and honest, but also fun and light – making it the perfect book for you to read while you watch the hours tick by on the beach.

Gone Girl

If you haven’t yet picked up the Gillian Flynn bestseller, you’re about a summer behind, but better late than never. When Amy Dunne disappears, her husband Nick is quickly accused of her murder – something which he insists he didn’t do, despite mounting evidence. The book is narrated from both Amy and Nick’s points of view, but we quickly learn that they’re both unreliable narrators. This thriller is a quick, must-read.

Beautiful Ruins

A tale of love thought lost, Beautiful Ruins begins on the Italian coast in 1962, where two people – an Italian hotel worker and a Hollywood starlet –meet and fall in love. The book then skips ahead 50 years, to present-day Hollywood, where the now-elderly Italian man travels to find out what happened to the woman he just can’t shake from his memory.

Funny Girl

Set in northern England in 1964, Funny Girl tells the story of aspiring actress Barbara, who worships Lucille Ball. Barbara lands a big television role, takes on a stage name and finds success, with the help of her show’s lead writers, Bill and Tony, two gay men who struggle with their sexual identity.

Summer Sisters

If you were one of the millions of kids who grew up with Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret. and Forever, then Judy Blume’s New York Times bestseller is a must-read. The story begins in the summer 1977, when two girls meet and become best friends forever, Years later, they reexamine their complicated friendship and feelings for each other as one of them gets married.

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